Wow! My mom was a great cook… we could smell the bread baking when we got off the school bus in the afternoons…

Supper was always cooking when we got home… and there was always lots and lots of it…

Food was the great connector… we gathered in Mom’s kitchen…
Mom showed her love in the art of her cooking…

butter on everything… gravies… fresh breads almost every day… and sausage… European sausage… bacon and creamy potato salads and on and on and on…

ahhhhh…. those were the days… country cooking… food came from the garden and the farm… not from boxes… Mom was home and the kitchen was the heart of the family…

And… unfortunately, a generational heritage of lots of excess weight and the health problems that go with that type of diet… diabetes, high blood pressure… heart disease…

Wow… As much as I treasure the yummy recipes from my mom… I just can’t eat that way and stay healthy…

I had to learn to cook a whole different way…

My cooking now would probably look naked to my Mom…

She would understand the necessity, because she had a life long relationship with trying to lose weight and be healthy as well… she just didn’t have access to the wealth of support that I do…

So What about You?

Is your kitchen run the same as your Mom’s?


Good Morning…

Do you realize that by the time you read this, you have already had thousands of thoughts?

Have you been paying attention?  Don’t even try… you would need a super computer to track them.

You do need to pay attention to the quality of your thinking.  And that’s where your feelings come in.

Just ask yourself…. How am I feeling right now?

Your feelings will tell you with complete accuracy whether you are thinking positively or negatively.

  • If you are feeling happy and light and loving then you must be thinking thoughts that support that
  • If you are feeling stressed, frustrated, worried, angry, etc.. then your thoughts must be supporting that

Your experiences today are created by the quality of your thoughts and how you feel.

  • If you feel good… you will have a good day…
  • If you feel bad… you will not have good day

Your mission then is to do whatever it takes to feel good.

Take your focus off things that make you feel bad, and put it on all that feels good.  When you are feeling good,  you create from that place and absolutely everyone benefits… heck.. I will benefit all the way over here where I live… send me your positive  vibes… send them all over the world… goodness knows we all need them….

Sending blessings for a lovely day…


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From time to time, I get caught up in the frenzy of fear being whipped up by the media.

I listen to the dire predictions, endless sad stories of regular people suffering and fearful… and my heart hurts… my chest clinches, my energy shrinks and I get worried and start thinking of my own worst case scenarios… “what if?…. what would we do?… will it happen to us?….”

The physical consequences:

  • I can feel my heart beat…
  • my mind starts racing around like a mouse in a cage, looking for a way out…
  • I am tense, stressed and my energy is all puckered up….

The Law of Attraction consequences:

  • what I think (doom and gloom) is what I feel (fear, worry)…
  • what I feel (fear, worry) is what I vibrate (low quality)
  • what I vibrate (low quality) is what I attract (missed opportunities, more to worry about)

All in all… not a great platform to create my day…

I hate feeling like that….

So… what do I do?????

I change the only thing I have control over…. I change my thoughts…yes… my thoughts…

I choose to think about my many blessings… I choose to focus of the unending abundance in the world…

I choose to trust… just trust… just trust that if I do my part, and you do your part, and they do their part….

I need to stand up and be counted for adding positive energy to the mix…. and you my friend…. need to do the same…

Sending love and thoughts of abundance…


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“So… you have just been presented with another beautiful blank journal.  It calls to you with whispers of adventure and mystique.  How Delightful!  Wait a moment…

  • “I already have 5 blank journals gathering dust on my bookshelf.”
  • “I haven’t got a clue where to start.”
  • “I have no idea what to write about.”

You Are Not Alone
The allure of beautifully bound and illustrated blank journals has both mesmerized and caused angst for countless women.  I have good news!  You can fill dozens of blank journals with inspiration and enthusiasm by following a few simple steps.

1.    Create a special time and space
Trying to write in your journal in front of the nightly news just doesn’t seem congruent with the nature of the activity, does it?
It is important to find a time of the day when you generally feel quiet, soft and reflective.  It may be first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

Your environment also plays an important role in your new habit of journaling.  A comfortable chair, a soft blanket, a favorite lamp, a candle, perhaps an aromatic oil or incense. Don’t forget a cup of your favorite tea.  sigh….

Your journal is a profoundly private and personal relationship.  Treat yourself and the occasion with the reverence of a favorite date.

2.    Theme:
Think about a theme playing in your life right now.  Ask yourself how can you create a journal that feels empowering and uplifting regardless of the desirability of your theme.

If you need to work stuff out, it’s ok to explore your issues, even if they are troublesome.  Just make sure that your message and journey is one of resolving, overcoming and growing, rather than wallowing around in your problems.

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on whether you want it or not.  The longer and stronger you maintain your focus, the stronger the attraction.  Make sure you keep your focus positive in nature; you will be rewarded with an empowering and inspiring experience.

3.    Let go of outcome
Something that may stop you before your pen touches the page is the pressure you put on yourself to “do it right.”  After all, “What will it look like?  What happens if you make a mistake?”

No-one else ever needs to see your journal.  This is a private and personal experience.  It is the journey, not the end destination that matters.  The process, not the product.

Have fun with this.  Let go of the outcome.  This is the perfect medium to express yourself creatively, with wild abandon if you want, any way you choose.  Let yourself go and dive to the depths of your inner self. Celebrate your uniqueness.

The best thing about getting started with your journals is the rich inner satisfaction and inspiration you will feel.  Every day you take the time for this wonderful exercise, is another opportunity to explore another thread of the tapestry that is your life.

Relax, get your journal out and follow these starter steps that I have outlined.  When you do, you will be thrilled with the way your inner life will immediately begin to blossom.



If we were sitting enjoying a cup of tea together and I asked you about your loves, your gifts and your vision for yourself as a woman, would your thoughts flow easily?  Maybe… maybe not…

The Law of Attraction states that we get more of what we focus on.  So, if you want to give and get more serenity, peace, love, gratitude etc in your life, you need to be focus on, project that kind of energy.

The easiest way to do that is by connecting with all the soft places in your heart.  The most important thing is that you feel good.  From there your beautiful world can be created.

Open your journal. Make yourself a cup of tea, light a candle and muse about these 3 key questions.

  1. What Do You Love?
  2. What Touches You Deeply?
  3. What Brings a Tear To Your Eye?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Get in touch with your heart.  Explore all the soft parts.  Create beautiful gratitude lists.  The Law of Attraction will return more in kind when you keep your focus on what feels good.

Pay attention to the beauty around you. Watch your world blossom.

What Is Your Gift To Share With The World?

You are unique and unrepeatable.  You have been given special gifts and your assignment is to share.  The universe will expand when you give of yourself.

Not fully appreciating the unique and personal gifts that you have been given, not only shortchanges the universe, it is also disrespectful of the giver of the gift.

Spend time reflecting on your skills, talents and passions.

You are supposed to feel good.

Regardless of your life circumstances, give yourself full approval and permission to be a glorious.  Actively take the control of you life.  Choose how you want to feel, and put the thinking in place to support that.

Do you feel awkward in social situations?  Do you dread dinner parties and   meetings? Does the thought of speaking in public make your knees weak and your temples throb?

You are not alone.  It took me years to develop the self-confidence to feel powerful and assured in any situation.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to take you years.  Here are 10 Tried and True Tips to Improve Self Confidence and be on your way to feeling powerful and at ease in any situation.

1. Know that you know what you know

Affirm that your interpretation of the world around you has value and is worth sharing.  You have unique and creative opinions and the universe wants to hear them.  No one else can put things together exactly like you.

2.  K.I.S.S.  Keep it Simple Sweetie

Wiser words have rarely been spoken.  How much interaction would be ideal for you and your comfort?  If you want to be a quiet participant, that’s ok.  Don’t feel pressured to grab the microphone if you don’t want to.

3.  Breathe:  Pay attention to your body

If you feel your anxiety raising, sit back in your chair, focus on your breath, and relax your body.  Bring your awareness back to center, back to balance.

4.  Know the basics of Social Interactions

No one likes a soggy, wimpy handshake… ewww…  Every woman needs a good handshake, a greeting that makes eye contact and a warm, confident smile.  That first moment of greeting sets the tone and speaks volumes about the power balance.

5.  It’s not about “Power”…  it’s about “Empowerment”

Your power should feel healthy and respectful and self-loving.  You should encourage others to feel the same.

6.  Slow down.  It’s all about rhythm

A tendency to rush is common when you are nervous.  The more anxiety you have, the more speed you pick up and that’s when things can get messy.  Gear down. Speak slower, pause between thoughts.  Consider your words before you speak them.

7.  Redirect the Spotlight

People love to talk about themselves.  Let them.  Become an interviewer and ask questions.  Let ‘them’ do the talking.  Listen and allow the conversation to find it’s own natural rhythm.

8.  Study the Crowd

Notice who is talking and what they are talking about.  Amuse yourself by watching people interact and learn from their body language.  This will be fun and it will take your focus off your anxiety. You can learn a lot about people in a herd.

9.  Own Your Power

Rather than wondering if anyone will like you, ask yourself who you would like to get to know better.  Pick one or two intriguing people and get to know them.  As you are ready, you can let them get to know you too.

10.  Walk like a queen

Hold your head up, put your shoulders back, open your chest and breathe.  Connect with your power, Give yourself permission to think what you think, know what you know, feel what you feel and say what you want to say.

Save yourself years of anxiety.  Follow these tips and improve your self confidence in any social situation.

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enjoy this one and only Thursday, Feb 12, 2009… once it’s gone, it’s gone… make it worth the ticket price…

Have you ever started a personal development program, only to become overwhelmed, discouraged and finally give up?  You wouldn’t be the first one to experience this.  Welcome to the club…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally reach your personal development goal?  To unleash the power within and make a real life style change?
Well you can… and it really is a simple process.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes women make and the 3 best solutions.

Mistake #1.  Taking on too much at one time.

Many women decide that they want to make sweeping lifestyle changes and although they feel uplifted and excited for the first while, too much change can be unsettling.

You lose your balance and feel discouraged, and soon drift away from your changes and return to what is comfortable.  “Failed again.”

Solution:  A master juggler doesn’t begin her act with 10 items right off the bat.  She starts her act with one or two items.  Only when she has developed a good rhythm will she introduce another.

Pick one positive lifestyle change and with your plan in place, find your rhythm with that one change.  Regardless of how many areas you wish to change, start simply and take it one step at a time.  Find your balance and your rhythm.

Mistake #2.  Focusing on what you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on whether you want it or not.
You may think you are focusing on what you want, but chances are, you will find that your attention is predominantly on what you want to change.  That will invite more of what you don’t want into your experience.

Solution:  Instead of focusing on all that is unacceptable about you, put your attention on what your positive life change will feel like.  What you think about, you bring about.  Keep your thoughts on the positive and let go of the negative.

Mistake #3.  Not waiting around for the miracle to happen.

Solution:  Pick a specific amount of time to devote yourself 100% to your well thought out personal development goal.  Give yourself enough time to find your rhthym.  As a loose guideline, give yourself 30 – 45 days… You can survive anything for that long. Mark it on your calendar and commit to complete dedication.  No matter what.

There will be a process of letting go of the old while you embrace the new.  Be willing to be uncomfortable while you make the necessary adjustments.
It took time to develop what you want to change, and it will take time to adjust to the changes.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Don’t be in a hurry to change.  Let your life style changes soak in one at a time.  Give them a chance to really take root and become your new reality.

The wise woman finds her rhythm and takes the time it takes.  Most importantly, she doesn’t give up before the miracle happens.  You are that wise woman.  You are absolutely supposed to have anything you want.  Namaste.